Bride and Groom having their first dance at their Wedding at the Dunlavy in Houston, TX.
Celebrating is our lifestyle
A wedding planner adjusting the floral arrangement at a wedding.
Celebrating for...
20+ years
Based in Houston, TX, MRE has been creating unforgettable memories for over a decade. From the most glamourous weddings, to corporate events, or milestone celebrations, we are here to help guide you through the process. Creating an event that is uniquely you, saving you time, money, and your day.
“Mary made us feel like we put our special day in the hands of our best friend.”
A wedding couple smiling at each other durin their wedding ceremony in Houston TX.A wedding couple in Houston, TX during their festive ceremony.
Bride and Groom posing under a neon sign and flower wall.Logo for Modern Luxury Diamond Wedding Awards

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